Uber, the smartphone app that is transforming mobility across the world, today announced a series of new safety features in the driver’s app, aimed at predicting, preventing and reducing the number of crashes on the road. Road safety experts have long warned against unsafe driving. By providing drivers with more choices, Uber aims to help them make better decisions; and improve safety for everyone on the road. These features will be rolled out for drivers in Bangalore over the next few weeks, with more cities coming soon.

Some of the new safety pilots to improve rider and driver safety, include:

·         Daily reports to drivers about how their driving patterns compare to other drivers in their city—with suggestions on how to provide a smoother, safer ride

·         Messages in the driver app informing drivers that mounting their phone on the dashboard is safer than holding the phone in their hands

·         Speed display in the app that alerts drivers about the speed of their vehicle

·         Reminders to drivers about the importance of taking a break when they need it

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Announcing the launch, Dorothy Chou, Head of Safety for Public Policy, Uber, said, “We believe that technologies like Uber provide an incredible opportunity to improve road safety in new and innovative ways—before, during and after every ride. While alcohol is the leading cause of traffic crashes, there are other behaviors that can put people at risk, including distracted and unsafe driving. Today we are announcing new features in the driver app to help reduce these risks going forward”


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