Apple iPhone 7 Price in India – Offers from Airtel & Reliance

Apple iPhone 7 Price in India – Offers from Airtel & Reliance


If you are looking to purchase the new Apple iPhone 7 or the 7 Plus in India, the network providers are giving some good offers to the consumers. Airtel India and Reliance are the first to jump into the competition and both have very attractive offers, which for them ensure even a subscriber and not just a smartphone buyer. More about Apple iPhone 7 price in India ahead in the post.

Let’s check about both the plans in detail to know which one would be beneficial for you in the long term. While Airtel has partnered with Bajaj Finserv Limited for the EMI offer along with few Postpaid plans, Reliance is offering the iPhone buyers with good Cashback offers along with free plans for 12 months.

Airtel Apple iPhone 7 Price in India offer

Airtel India is giving the iPhone on a part payment initially, and that’s because Bajaj Finserv Limited (BFL) is giving a loan and the user has to then select and bind to one of the postpaid plans of Airtel, one among the monthly cost of Rs. 1999, Rs. 2499, and Rs. 2999. These are not the direct EMI payments because you get a lot of benefits here – 5GB, 10GB, and 15GB data reflectively for the three plans. Also, what’s included commonly in these plans is free calling (local, national, and calls during national roaming), SMS bundles, and the access to Wynk Music and Wynk Movies apps from Airtel.

But there’s one clause – you are not a full owner of the iPhone 7 because after the 12-month period lapses, you have to return the iPhone at one of the Airtel stores during the 13th month. In case you want to keep the iPhone after that, you will have to pay a Balloon payment based on the model and that will ensure that you can keep the phone for life.

Model Billing Price Down Payment Monthly Plan Options Balloon Payment
iPhone 7
(32 GB)
R59998 R19,990 R1999/2499/2999 R24000
iPhone 7
(128 GB)
R69998 R29,490 R1999/2499/2999 R24500
iPhone 7
(256 GB)
R79998 R35,990 R1999/2499/2999 R28000
iPhone 7 Plus
(32 GB)
R72000 R30,792 R1999/2499/2999 R25200
iPhone 7 Plus
(128 GB)
R82000 R37,292 R1999/2499/2999 R28700
iPhone 7 Plus
(256 GB)
R92000 R43,792 R1999/2499/2999 R32200

Advantages of the Airtel Apple iPhone 7 Price in India offer

  • You don’t need to pay the full payment at once and just a down payment is needed initially.
  • You are getting free calling and a good amount of Data per month along with it.

Disadvantages of the Airtel Apple iPhone 7 Price in India offer

  • You don’t fully own the iPhone even after a year because a Balloon payment has to be done to buy it fully later.
  • The big disadvantage is – You cannot easily return the device too. You will have to upgrade to the new iPhone next year while returning the current iPhone, according to the T&C.
  • You surely need to choose one of the Airtel postpaid plans and pay for it for the whole year, even if your usage is lesser than what is offered.
  • If you are a Prepaid user, you will have to migrate to postpaid plan.

Reliance Jio Apple iPhone 7 Price in India  offer

In fact, the offer we’re talking about below is not just for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus but also applicable if you are looking to buy the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, or the iPhone SE.

It is a full access to the premium Jio apps, and for 12 months, you are getting the Rs. 1499 plan for free. This plan includes unlimited local, STD and national roaming voice calls, 20GB of 4G data, unlimited 4G data usage at night, 40GB of Wi-Fi data at Jio hotspots, unlimited SMS, and subscription to Jio’s apps. According to Reliance, what you get here is valued at Rs. 18000.

Advantages of the Reliance Apple iPhone 7 Price in India  Jio offer

  • You can use any other SIM and not the Jio SIM if you feel you want to use your primary number that is on other network provider.
  • Buying now will get you the Jio SIM under Welcome Offer, so the entire offer will be valid till Dec 31st., 2017.
  • You fully own the iPhone that you purchase because you are not bound to any EMI plan or pending balloon payment.

Disadvantages of Reliance Jio Apple iPhone 7 Price in India  offer

  • You are bound to pay the full amount for the iPhone. Though this is not a direct disadvantage, some users who prefer the EMI option won’t be able to use this.
  • Although a lot of offers are bundled, Jio 4G network is not yet fully trustworthy and cannot be trusted until the commercial launch of the Jio network happens.

What should you choose on basis of Apple iPhone 7 Price in India ?

If you are okay with paying the full amount for the iPhone at once, it is the Reliance Jio offer that you can choose because you can enjoy a lot of benefits and Reliance says that your phone won’t be locked to the Jio network and you are free to use any SIM card in the newly purchased iPhone.

But if you are someone who wants to pay in installments and don’t want to just pay for the phone but get some advantages from the network as well, the Airtel offer seems good. Only that you will have to make a balloon payment for owning the iPhone after a year of usage.